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How to Remove the Background of Images

Removing the background of images

Our automated background removal tool gives you the ability to add a WOW touch to your graphics, no PhotoShop skills needed!

Only certain templates support this feature. Click here to browse templates that use cutouts.

Before we get started, check out this before and after using our background removal tool:

And placed in a sample graphic:

Cool, right?!

See it in Action

How to remove backgrounds on images within a graphic

Add the graphic to your team (follow these instructions if you aren't sure how to do that)
Select the graphic to enter the Edit mode
Choose your team colors, logo, title and subtext (we'll assume you are familiar with this part by now - if you need help, visit creating your first graphic)
Our tech will automagically remove the background of your photo after you import it into the graphic!
If you need to adjust the position, click Crop and reposition the box - we'll automatically scale it depending on the graphic template
If the automatic background remove missed areas, click Edit Clipping Mask to open the clipping editor (see this article for a full breakdown on all the clipping mask editor tools)
For multi-format templates, you can edit the position and background removal for each individual version.
Once you're done, click Update Preview to see the latest changes
If you're not yet thrilled about the results, simply click the Edit Clipping Mask button to re-enter the clipping editor. You can undo changes and continue to refine the background removal there.

Note: some graphics allow you to choose between Cover and Clipped. Cover will display the normal image and Clipped will display the version with the background removed.

Looking for more advanced customizations? Check out our detailed article on adding, removing, and tweaking the background removed.

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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