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Creating a graphic from a HomeTown event

ProTip: Take a few minutes to add all of your team's opponents to the Opponents tab in Box Out. You can import from our huge library of teams, which includes their name, mascot, logo, colors, and more. This will make your HomeTown integration even faster and more magical!

The first way to begin exploring the integration is to browse all of our HomeTown Enabled Templates, available from the Templates tab in any of your teams.

Here you'll see a huge variety of single and multiple event templates that will automatically fill in data from your HomeTown events. Add any of these templates to your teams, and you'll be ready for the next step of our integration.

Click on one of those templates on your graphics screen under Create a New Graphic.

At the top of the form to select all of your graphic data and options, click see a new button labeled Connect HomeTown Event.

Browse through your organizations events. You can search, filter by department, team, sort by date or department, and even save your filters for easily finding events later. Click Select for the event you want to pull in the data from.

Once you connect an event (or in some templates like schedules or week ahead graphics, multiple events!) Box Out will fill in as much of the template data as it can from your event. We'll even pick the opponent if you've imported them into your Opponents tab.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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