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Creating Folders and Subfolders

How to Create Folders and Subfolders in Box Out

Creating folders and subfolders help keep your uploaded content organized. You can use folders to organize photos, logos, and videos.

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To begin, navigate to Uploads in the left menu.

Click on the folder icon in the top right corner.

Enter a name, for example Misc. Photos and click Create Folder.

Now select the files you want within your folder.

Select Files

Once selected, click Move and select the folder from the dropdown menu where you'd like to move the files.

Move Files into Folder

You can repeat the process and Move a second folder into your first folder (this creates a subfolder).

Subfolder Move

The hierarchy of folders are displayed across the top for easy navigation.

Sub-Folder Navigation

See it in Action

Updated on: 06/27/2022

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