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Exporting and Sharing Your Graphics

How to Download and Share your Completed Graphics

You have successfully created a killer graphic and now you are ready to share it with the world!

Inside a graphic template, there are buttons to SAVE, SHARE, CANCEL in the upper right corner. Click SHARE.

To download you graphics, click the Download button.

Here you will have options to RESIZE or CROP before you download your graphic.

Resizing a Graphic

These options come in handy when you need to RESIZE to a specific ratio to fit on a website or within a specific program. Keep in mind the ratio is locked to make sure your graphic does not get squished.

Cropping a Graphic

The CROP option is my favorite as it allows you to get creative with some of our templates. If you know specific dimensions for Instagram (square being 1080x1080), you can type those in and then CROP down a template to use a part of it for a post.

Then DOWNLOAD CROPPED GRAPHIC onto your computer or into your camera roll on your phone. Open your Instagram App, select your graphic, add a caption, and post. 👀 Look it fits, perfectly!

Sharing via Email and Social Media

You can also send via email or upload directly to TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM.

Note: you'll first need to Authorize your social media accounts in the settings page. Read this article on authorizing your social media accounts.

After clicking Share, choose the social media account button you'd like to share the graphic on:

In the popup dialog box, enter the text for the post and click Post to Twitter

Scheduling Your Social Media Post

You can schedule your social media posts directly from Box Out.

Watch the Video

In the popup dialog box, check the box Schedule for later and choose a date and time.
If posting a multi-format graphic, you can select the specific graphic size in the dialog box

You can see a list of scheduled posts and shared history:

Updated on: 02/15/2023

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