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Adding and Limiting Color Swatches

Add Your Team Colors

You can add your branded colors to your organization and limit the color options teams have using the Color Swatches settings.

To add your school colors click the SETTINGS tab on the left menu. On the right, you will see a Color Swatches area. 

On the far right there is a blank color box where you can either type in the hex value of your school color or choose from a color picker. Click Add color to add it to your list of swatches. 

See it in Action

Sharing Color Swatches with a Team

To share a color you added to every team in your organization, click the checkboxes to the right of your colors.

Limiting Color Choices

If you want to limit the colors your staff members can choose from, click the arrow box at the bottom right which gives you three options:

Do not limit color selections for this team - allows members to choose any color they want

Limit color options on this team to this list - limits team members to choose the colors you've checked only on this specific team page

Limit color options on ALL teams in this organization - limits members to choose the colors you've checked on ALL team pages. (*for branding purposes this is our recommendation)

Updated on: 06/30/2022

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