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Adding Players (Roster) to a Team

How to Add Players to a Team or Graphic

Within the PLUS and PREMIUM Subscriptions you have the ability to add your roster to each Team Page.

You can add a player directly inside a graphic OR you can add players to your player library.

Jump to adding a player via the Players Tab

Adding a Player Directly Inside a Graphic Template

After adding a template to a team, click on a graphic that has player options (e.g. a lineup graphic)

Scroll to the Players area and click on the Select a player dropdown.

You can choose a player that you previously added, or click the + Add button to add a new player.

After clicking the + Add button, you can enter the player information
Note: adding a player here will also add it to your player roster, making it easily accessible for future graphic creation

Add a Player to a Singular Graphic

To add a player to just one graphic (i.e. not save to your Player library) choose the option Fill in manually under Only for this graphic.

Adding Players via the Players Tab

To begin adding your roster, click on the Players link in the left menu.

On the Players page, there is a button located at the top right corner that says Add a Player.

Here you can type in the necessary information and upload a headshot. Our recommended size for headshots is 500x500 pixels. These headshots can be either .jpg or .png files. When done adding the player info click Add Player.

Note that before adding your PLAYERS make sure you have added a Template that utilize the Player/Roster feature. Adding a template that utilizes this feature will 'unlock' a PLAYERS tab located on the left-hand side of your page.

See it in Action

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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