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Using Box Out on Your Mobile Device

Optimizing Box Out for Mobile Devices

We designed Box Out to go with you wherever you need to be. As an SID or Athletic Director we know you are always on the move. To keep things easy and simple, you can access your account from whatever device you have in your hands. You don't even need to download another App. Simply type in to your browser, login, and create!

Adding Box Out to Your Home Screen

Saving the website to your Home Screen is essential for quick access on the go. This places the Box Out icon along with your other list of Apps.

Then when you need to create a graphic on the go or update a score you can quickly click your Box Out icon, choose a score update graphic, enter the score and post.

Using Horizontal and Vertical Modes

You can use our platform both vertically and horizontally on your mobile device. In vertical mode simply choose your graphic and then hit Continue Editing at the bottom.

After you click Continue Editing your plug-n-play screen will come up allowing you to add the elements you need to complete your graphic. You can still use the Update Preview to see how your graphic looks while you edit. When you complete your graphic just hit Share. You can download to your device or share directly to Twitter and Facebook!

Using our platform horizontally allows you to see the full process much like you would sitting at your computer. Choose whichever suits you best!

Updated on: 09/21/2022

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