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Adding Templates to a Team

How to Add Graphic Templates to a Team

You can add graphics to each Team Page from our template marketplace.

Note: Only administrators or Team-Only Users who have been given template access can add graphics to a team

If you want add a template to multiple teams as once, visit this article.

Click on the Templates tab on left menu.

Search for templates using the categories or enter a search term in the top search bar. Click into a category to see all the templates available.

Click on a specific graphic to see the graphic's details.

You can demo these graphics by clicking into the graphic and clicking Demo Template on the top right. You can also add it directly to a team by clicking Add to Team.

Demo Template

Clicking Add to Team will add it to the Graphics tab on the left side menu of that specific Team Page.

See it in Action

Updated on: 09/15/2022

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